The Best Car Care Guide During the Rainy Season

You can follow some tips on caring for your car during this rainy season so that your car can always be safe and comfortable to use. Want to know what to try? Follow our guide below. Entering the rainy season, car owners must be prepared to give more attention to their vehicles.

This needs to be done because when the rainy season comes, the weather conditions in general will become more humid so that it can affect the body and engine of the car. Not only that, we need to remember that some areas in Indonesia are prone to flooding. If the car owner does not carry out proper maintenance, the car that is submerged in a flood will experience some damage.

1. Car components are damaged

When a car is hit by rainwater or submerged in a flood, the components inside can be damaged, especially the electrical system. Maybe most of the car components such as lights, air conditioning, ABS systems, power locks and others cannot work optimally.

2. Unpleasant smell in the car cabin

When it rains, the air become more humid and wetter so that it can cause an unpleasant odor in the car cabin. This usually happens because the inside of the car is overgrown with mushrooms.

3. The car is so rusty

Another problem that can arise during the rainy season is the presence of rust on various parts of the car. You need to know that rainwater has an acidic substance so that the iron components in the car will be easily expose to rust.

So that the car can always be comfortable and safe. And has optimal performance when it rains, then you need to do some maintenance. Especially if you live in an area prone to flooding.

1. Always dry the car after being exposed to rainwater

The tip for caring for a car during the early rainy season is to always dry the car body immediately after being expose to rainwater. You can sterilize the car with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth.

You should not allow rainwater to dry on its own because this can make the car dirty and cause spots. Not only that, rainwater also contains acid and salt. So, if rainwater dries on the car body, the paint coating and other engine components can be damage.

2. Regularly check engine components

Because rainwater can get into the car’s crevices. The next tip is to carry out periodic maintenance on the engine and other components according to the recommendation in the manual. You can carry out periodic maintenance at a formal workshop. So that the authenticity of the parts can always be guarantee. Thus, the car always has maximum performance even though the car is often use when it rains.

3. Put on the car cover

Rain water can interfere with the arrangement of car paint. If the car park doesn’t have a roof, then you can use a car cover to protect the car from raindrops and dust.

Be sure to choose a car cover with quality materials, because a car cover with poor quality can even damage the car’s paint. Not only that, car paint can also be damage if the car is cover with a car cover for too long. So, after the rain stops, remove the cover from the car. After that, wash and wipe the car until it is completely dry.

4. Check the condition of the brakes and tires

In addition to heavy traffic, slippery and wet track conditions can also make the car’s brakes work harder. When it rains, water can reduce friction between the tires and the track so that the brakes become less gripp. So that the car’s brakes can always work optimally when it rains. You also need to check the components of this car. Check whether the brake pads are worn out, if “yes” then you must change them immediately.

Apart from paying attention to the condition of the brakes. You also need to check the condition of the car tires. When it rains, worn tires can endanger yourself and others. Worn tires can make the car difficult to control. So, before using the car on the street in the rain. Make sure in advance whether the tires and brakes of the car are in conditions that comply with safety standard for driving.

5. Keep the condition of the interior of the car so that it is always dry

When it rains, usually the driver or passenger will enter with wet footwear. This can cause mold and make the car smell bad.

To minimize this from happening, you can put old newspapers on the car carpet. Newspapers are very easy to exchange. So, when the newspaper is dirty and wet, you won’t have the hassle of changing it every day. Not only that, you can also wash car carpets regularly to ensure that they are always in a clean condition.

6. Check the condition of the car wipers

The main function of the car wiper is to clean the mirror, especially when the road conditions are rainy or foggy. So that the wipers can always function optimally when it rains, you need to do some maintenance. Some of these include regularly disinfecting the wipers and refilling the wiper fluid.

So, those are some tips for taking care of your car when it rains. By carrying out regular maintenance, the car will always work optimally in various weather.

The Best Car Care Guide During the Rainy Season
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