More pics of G87 M2 With 930M Bi Color Wheels (on Zandvoort Blue)


I was able to see the new G87 M2 at the 50 years of M Cars celebration in Toronto this week.

They started off the event with some Mini track drives with a professional driver in various M cars. We then had to wait a couple of hours for the M2 to be unveiled inside.

The car was Zandvoort Blue with the 930M Bi Color wheels.I prefer the 930M wheels in the Bi Color over the all black wheels.They look really good on the car.Unfortunately the lighting at the event was terrible which completely washed out the color of the car making it look like a greyish white.

Overall I really liked the design.The only design feature that I felt looked odd was the lower middle area in the front bumper.It is completely open in the middle area exposing some interior parts.It almost looks like a design feature is missing in that area.It is also going to be brutal for keeping clean.Bugs and road debris will definitely collect in that area.

Luckily the next day i was able to see the same car at BMW Canada in natural light.I actually really liked the color.It shows the aggressive design features and huge fender flares.

I would still like to see the car in Toronto Red before i order one.One of the sales guys i know said that he saw the car at a BMW event in Indianapolis back in June in TR and he said it looked fantastic.

Here are some pics and videos.

More pics of G87 M2 With 930M Bi Color Wheels (on Zandvoort Blue)
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