Important Things Before Doing Car Engine Maintenance

Caring for a car engine is an obligation for car owners, because the engine is the main component in a car. So taking care of your car engine is the same as extending the life of your own car. Carrying out car engine maintenance does not have to take it to the repair shop continuously. You can do it yourself at home which is easy to do. The most important thing is that the condition of the engine can always be maintained properly so that its performance is always maximal at all times. Here are some ways to maintain a machine that must be done:

Change the Oil Periodically

One easy way that you can do to take care of your car engine is to do regular oil changes. The condition of a prime car engine is certainly influenced by the oil used. Oil changes usually depend on the type of oil used. Oil has a function to withstand friction when the engine is working. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the condition and type of oil used. There are many of the best car oils that you can choose from on the market. Quality oil will certainly keep the condition of the car engine in prime and working optimally.

Check Radiator Fluid

Other car engine maintenance can be done by checking the radiator fluid. The radiator itself serves to neutralize the heat in the car engine. So make sure to always check your car’s radiator water regularly. If the radiator fluid is empty, this will cause the engine to overheat which will damage the engine periodically. Not only that, the lack of radiator fluid will be very dangerous when driving. For this reason, it is important to check the radiator fluid regularly to maintain optimal radiator performance.

Checking Car Starter

If the engine is difficult to start then it is possible if there is damage in it. This could be due to a reduced supply of fuel or air. Try checking the filter by pulling it out and trying to clean it with a toothbrush or brush. However, if the condition of the engine is still difficult to start, then immediately take it to the nearest car repair shop.

Checking the timing belt

The timing belt is a component in the car that has the function of continuing the rotation of the gear which is then connected to the internal parts of the engine. If there is a noise or buzzing when the car engine is started, then this indicates if there is damage to the timing belt component of your car. Damage to this component will cause certain components in the car engine to also be damaged. This is because the power supply to the accumulator does not work optimally. So try to check the timing belt regularly.

Car Battery Maintenance

The car battery is a vital component in a vehicle. For this reason, it is important to know how to care for a good car battery so that the car battery is maintained durable and long lasting. The easiest thing to do in caring for a car battery is to make sure that the battery water is always at the proper level, between the marker lines. In addition, check other batteries by measuring the battery voltage through a voltmeter.

Cleaning the carburetor filter

The factor that causes the car to be difficult to start is a problem with the carburettor filter when the car is dirty. For this reason, it is important to clean the carburetor filter regularly so as not to interfere with the work of these components. To clean is actually not difficult, you can use a toothbrush to remove dirt and scale stuck in the filter. Do not use a compressor or hairdryer because there is a risk of damaging the carburizing filter layer.

Important Things Before Doing Car Engine Maintenance
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