How to handle Comfortable Car Driving Methods

The correct method of driving a manual car really needs to be studied first and applied carefully. Driving methods a manual car does require a lot of practice. But anyone can do it if you have a strong determination and always try.

When driving, must always be careful. All of this can be tried if can do the driving method correctly, including manual cars. So don’t make mistakes, a kind of gear shift that can make you panic.

By doing lots of practice and applications, of course will be able to quickly drive a manual car with ease. Of course, before doing this, must also know about various features and other knowledge about driving. If you don’t have the knowledge, it can have a serious impact.

The correct method of driving a manual car will make you safe and easy while driving on the highway. Every step and method that needs to be tried is indeed very important and nothing should be underestimated.

Even if you only control your sitting position, you shouldn’t underestimate it because it will affect driving comfort later.

To find out in detail, here we have summarized 7 correct ways to drive a manual car so that it is comfortable and easy on the highway,

Driving Methods

1. Get to know the Car Features

The right way to drive a manual car first is to first identify all the features in the car. Make sure again that are familiar with the important elements of a car such as the brake, gas and clutch pedals. Don’t get it wrong because it will have serious repercussions.

Not only that, the sign light button, horn and others also need to be memorized. Also pay attention to the location and how to change the position of the car’s gearshift or gears.

2. Controlling the Sitting Position as Comfortable as Possible

The correct way to drive a manual car so that it is comfortable and easy on the next highway is to pay attention to the sitting position. Unfortunately, this matter is often overlooked. When start driving a car, the seat must be adjusted first to be safe.

The seat will greatly affect the position of the feet when it comes to the brake, clutch or gas. When using the pedals that are in the right, left and middle foot positions, make sure that can reach everything so that their journey is safe.

3. Know All the Pedals

The correct way to drive a manual car is to first identify all the pedals in the car. Identifying all the pedals and their uses is one thing that is really worth trying.

The pedal that is located on the left or left foot is the pedal for the clutch, while the pedal that is located in the middle acts as a brake, and the pedal that is located on the right is the gas pedal.

The car clutch’s function is to decide the rotation of the wheels and the rotation of the engine which are interrelated, besides that the clutch is also used to change gears either to increase or decrease gears without interfering with the gears of each transmission gear.

It should be noted that when reduce or increase gear, the clutch pedal must arrive. So, the main thing in a manual car is the rotation of the car engine, transmission, clutch and car wheels.

4. Start Turning the Car

The correct way to drive a manual car so that it is comfortable is to start the car, in a manual car, how to start the car engine also really needs to be looked at.

First, move the gear lever to the neutral position, which is between the 3rd and fourth gears. In neutral conditions, the gear lever can be moved freely to the left and right.

Next, turn on the car engine. How to turn on the car engine with the starter in the car key, make sure also get the clutch pedal in full. When the engine is running, release the clutch pedal. While the transmission lever is still in the Neutral position (N).

Then, next, depress the clutch all the way. Even if it’s in neutral, pressing the clutch before starting the car’s engine will prevent the car from jumping forward if you don’t remember to take the first step.

The best way to remember the distance from the swing of the clutch, brake and gas pedals is to fully engage the clutch and hold it. Then release the clutch pedal for a long time and in an orderly manner so that you hear the sound of the engine when it starts to fall.

5. Run the Car Carefully

After the pressed the clutch, the method that was tried next was to put the gears in 1st gear. Little by little release the clutch and at the same time step on the gas pedal until the feel a little “stuck”.

I will identify this moment when the front of the car jerks a little and there is a slight decrease in engine RPM. Release the handbrake at this point, but don’t fully release the clutch.

Continue to release the clutch for a long time while pressing the gas pedal little by little. Keep the RPM slightly above zero, Otolovers will be able to do this by increasing the gas while steadily releasing the clutch with the left foot.

After that, increase the gas slowly and release the clutch little by little until the clutch works completely. When you have completely released the clutch, accelerate properly. Follow this next correct manual car driving method carefully.

6. Shift the Clutch to a Higher Gear

The next correct method of driving a manual car is to move the clutch to a larger gear. When the engine RPM starts to exceed the normal range (usually around 2500-3000 RPM), you usually need to upshift.

Begin the process of shifting gears by taking your foot off the gas pedal and squeezing the clutch. Make sure you squeeze the clutch all the way before moving the gear lever or the gears will collide.

Shift the gear lever to the next highest gear. Release the clutch and increase speed. Just like when you start, the clutch and gas must be adjusted simultaneously to ensure smooth gearshifts, but usually when the car is moving, can release the clutch a little quicker than when starting the car.

Then, return both hands to the steering wheel. In this way, you will have better control of the vehicle when you want to turn.

7. Lowering Teeth

The last way to drive a manual car correctly is to recognize how to lower the correct gear. Just like when raising gear, must use speed to determine when to lower gear. When the RPM starts to drop, you will feel the engine vibrate slightly, and the accelerator response decreases.

Start changing gears by taking your foot off the gas pedal and squeezing the clutch. You have to take your foot off the gas pedal a little earlier than squeezing the clutch so that the engine doesn’t when releasing the clutch.

The next step is to fully depress the clutch and then shift into a smaller gear. After that, release the clutch for a long time and don’t forget to use the gas pedal to balance the speed of the car. Finally, completely release the clutch.

How to handle Comfortable Car Driving Methods
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