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2024 GMC Sierra Denali EV electric truck packs in luxury

We’ve now had our first look at the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1, the launch version of the latest big electric truck based on the GM Ultium architecture used for a growing range of EVs in multiple sizes and categories. The vast majority of those models haven’t hit the road yet, but the cadence of announcements continues, including that for the Sierra’s next of kin, the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV.

Other automakers have fast-forwarded plans for more electric trucks as well. Plans are already afoot for Ford’s next-generation, high-volume electric truck, and GM may also be planning a smaller Hummer pickup for the GMC brand. Of course, there’s also the possible arrival of the oft-delayed rival to the GMC, the Tesla Cybertruck.

This week, GM’s luxury-truck brand showed hand-built prototypes of what will be the first of an array of Sierra EV versions that will hit the market by the end of the 2025 model year. The design is all but final, but GMC executives asked reporters not to touch the doors or get into the vehicle at a New York City media preview earlier this week because it was such an early-stage model.

The Denali Edition 1

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Eve Energy to build battery plant in Malaysia within three years; 21700-format batteries for two-wheel EVs

Blueshark electric scooters in Malaysia

Chinese battery manufacturer Eve Energy will be constructing a battery production plant in Malaysia to supply local Malaysian and other Southeast Asian customers, CNEVPost reported.

Its subsidiary, Eve Energy Malaysia plans to invest up to US$422 million (RM2 billion) for the construction of the battery plant in Malaysia that will manufacture 21700-format battery cells, which will be for the production of local electric bikes and power tools, the company said. This project will see the battery production plant constructed in no more than three years, according to its announcement.

Its investment is part of the company’s growth strategy and long-term plan towards building its global market share in the electric two-wheeler segment, said Eve Energy.

Locally, EP Manufacturing will be producing Blueshark electric scooters in Malaysia for sale in the country and other markets in Southeast Asia. This will use swappable battery technology, the infrastructure for which has received US$50 million (RM235 million) following an agreement between Blueshark parent company EP Manufacturing (EPMB) and CIS Pride Fund SPC.

Elsewhere in the EV segment, Eve Energy is one of two battery suppliers that will be providing BMW with 46 mm-diameter battery cells for its Neue Klasse

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The Best Car Care Guide During the Rainy Season

You can follow some tips on caring for your car during this rainy season so that your car can always be safe and comfortable to use. Want to know what to try? Follow our guide below. Entering the rainy season, car owners must be prepared to give more attention to their vehicles.

This needs to be done because when the rainy season comes, the weather conditions in general will become more humid so that it can affect the body and engine of the car. Not only that, we need to remember that some areas in Indonesia are prone to flooding. If the car owner does not carry out proper maintenance, the car that is submerged in a flood will experience some damage.

1. Car components are damaged

When a car is hit by rainwater or submerged in a flood, the components inside can be damaged, especially the electrical system. Maybe most of the car components such as lights, air conditioning, ABS systems, power locks and others cannot work optimally.

2. Unpleasant smell in the car cabin

When it rains, the air become more humid and wetter so that it can cause an unpleasant odor in the car cabin. This usually … Read More

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