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The Best Car Care Guide During the Rainy Season

You can follow some tips on caring for your car during this rainy season so that your car can always be safe and comfortable to use. Want to know what to try? Follow our guide below. Entering the rainy season, car owners must be prepared to give more attention to their vehicles.

This needs to be done because when the rainy season comes, the weather conditions in general will become more humid so that it can affect the body and engine of the car. Not only that, we need to remember that some areas in Indonesia are prone to flooding. If the car owner does not carry out proper maintenance, the car that is submerged in a flood will experience some damage.

1. Car components are damaged

When a car is hit by rainwater or submerged in a flood, the components inside can be damaged, especially the electrical system. Maybe most of the car components such as lights, air conditioning, ABS systems, power locks and others cannot work optimally.

2. Unpleasant smell in the car cabin

When it rains, the air become more humid and wetter so that it can cause an unpleasant odor in the car cabin. This usually … Read More

Easy Tips Before Buying a Quality Used Car

Buying a used car is one of the options for getting a mode of transportation. Several choices of places to buy a used car are indeed getting easier to find. However, you need tips on buying a used car that need to be prepared. So that you get a used car with good quality, here are tips that you can use before buying a used car with good quality:

Adjust to the budget

Before buying a used car, the first step is to choose it according to your budget. Always pay attention to your current financial capabilities. Don’t push yourself too hard to buy a car that is beyond your means. Because, even though you can afford to buy a car, the cost of car maintenance is also another thing that needs to be prepared. Don’t make the mistake of buying a used car so you don’t lose in the future, because you get an unhealthy engine

Check vehicle history

The first thing that is mandatory when finding a vehicle that has been selected is to check the vehicle history. Make sure everything you check is detailed. If you feel unsure about checking yourself, be sure to use an inspection … Read More

Tips for Choosing a Quality Car Workshop

The need for car repair shops is of course higher, because now more and more people have private vehicles such as cars in both urban and rural areas. Finding a car repair shop nowadays is also easier because there are online car repair services. However, because there are many choices of car repair shops, you must consider several things before finding a quality repair shop. Here are some tips for choosing the right workshop.

Ensure Experienced Technicians

The first thing you should do to choose a car repair shop is to find out how professional the technicians are. Especially if you choose to service your vehicle at an official car repair shop. Professional technicians are seen from whether they have a certificate or have detailed knowledge about cars. Especially if you are looking for a car repair shop for modification needs. The technician will help with car modifications, which are not just modifications without looking at the driver’s safety side.

Choose an Authorized Workshop

It would be very appropriate if you choose an authorized repair shop as the best choice for private vehicles. Official workshops are not only reliable but also have the availability of complete and original spare parts. … Read More

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