2024 GMC Sierra EV debuts – all-electric pick-up truck with 644 km range, 754 hp, 1,064 Nm, CrabWalk feature

After revealing the GMC Hummer EV in October 2020, the division of General Motors (GM) has now followed up by introducing the first-ever Sierra EV. Built on GM’s Ultium platform that also underpins the Hummer EV, the new Sierra EV is GMC’s answer to the Ford F-150 Lightning that made its debut last May.

Like the Blue Oval’s offering, the Sierra EV doesn’t attempt to be overly flashy in its design, with just enough specific cues to differentiate it from a regular internal combustion engine Sierra. The most obvious is the large front “grille,” which sports a glossy panel, is illuminated, and linked to the heavily creased bonnet that opens to reveal a sizeable front trunk (frunk) that GMC calls an eTrunk.

The front end also features a three-bar charging status indicator and the dual-tier lighting setup consists of prominent L-shaped daytime running lights in the upper portion, Meanwhile the main headlamps are mounted further down, sandwiching a slim intake with many vertical slats .

The designs of the bumper, grille panel and additional exterior components differ depending on the chosen trim level, of which there are three available. The first to be made available will be the Denali Edition 1 that goes on sale in early 2024, with the AT4 and Elevation trims set to arrive for the 2025 model year.

For now, GMC says the Denali Edition 1 will be offered exclusively in Crew Cab form with an integrated cargo bed measuring 1,803 mm (5 feet, 11 inches) that includes the brand’s MultiPro Midgate so there’s 2,743 mm (9 feet) of storage between the cab and tailgate when the Midgate is open.

The Sierra EV is also rated to tow up to 4,309 kg (9,500 pounds) and carry a payload of up to 590 kg (1,300 pounds), making it more than adequate as a work truck. It should be noted that a trailering package comes standard on the Denali Edition 1.

Inside, the Sierra EV features a rather minimalist dashboard, with a 16.8-inch touchscreen being the main highlight. GMC says this is the largest touchscreen ever fitted to a Sierra and it is powered by GM’s Ultifi vehicle software platform to enable over-the-air (OTA) updates, connected services and the ability to “split” the display to show three apps simultaneously .

The portrait-format touchscreen is “cradled” by chrome trim that extends to the ends of the dashboard, highlighting the nearly symmetrical air vents. Other displays inside the cabin include an 11-inch digital instrument cluster as well as a head-up display with 14 diagonal inches of view.

Given the sheer size of the Sierra EV, it helps that there are 14 available camera views to enhance visibility around the vehicle. There’s also GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance technology to ease the burden of long trips.

GMC won’t tell us battery specifications just yet, but it is estimated to deliver 644 km (400 miles) of range on a full charge. The figure is likely for the Denali Edition 1, which is more than the F-150 Lightning’s XLT and Lariat variants that offer 515 km (320 miles) thanks to their 131-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

For charging, the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 comes with an onboard AC charger capable of handling up to 19.2 kW as well as an 800-volt DC fast charger. The latter can take in as much as 350 kW to recover approximately 161 km (100 miles) of range in just 10 minutes.

With the Power Station Pro system, the pick-up truck can also deliver 10.2 kW of off-board power through up to 10 outlets to power tools and accessories at a campsite or worksite, or even charge another EV. There’s also bi-directional charging support, and with GM Energy’s Ultium Home line, the claim is a Denali Edition 1 can power a home’s essential necessities for up to 21 days.

Besides being a giant portable power bank, the battery also juices up two electric motors – one for each axle – that provides a total system output of 764 PS (754 hp or 562 kW) and 1,064 Nm of torque. You’ll need to put the e4WD system in Max Power mode to have access to those outputs, which allow the vehicle to sprint from 0-96 km/h (0-60 mph) in just 4.5 seconds.

Naturally, there are other drive modes available, including Standard, Tow/Haul, Off-Road and My Mode (personalized settings). The Sierra EV also gets four-wheel steering like the Hummer EV, enabling GMC’s CrabWalk so you can move the vehicle diagonally. Variable brake regeneration is also included, with the most aggressive setting enabling one-pedal driving.

Adaptive air suspension is also included to raise the vehicle by approximately 51 mm (two inches) and the Sierra EV is the only version of the Sierra to get independent rear suspension – the latter is also true of the F-150 Lightning. Pricing for the Denali Edition 1 starts at USD107,000 (RM506.859), excluding delivery fee charges.

2024 GMC Sierra EV debuts – all-electric pick-up truck with 644 km range, 754 hp, 1,064 Nm, CrabWalk feature
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