2023 3 Series LCI vs C-Class & A4 Comparison Review by Throttle House


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That describes today’s average “buyer” of these sedans perfectly: Common, predictable, sensible; not inspiring. And thus German brands cater to their needs/wants.

Just look at the comments on the video, a guy chose an A4 because it was “so composed and so confident”. He wanted a daily driver that was super safe with a “hint of fun”. I can’t scoff enough at this. The A4 is one of the most mind numbingly boring sedans I’ve ever driven.

These buyers killed the sports sedan. I’ve even seen this forum change over the last 20 years. The G20 is too big, too heavy to be called a sports sedan. You all can disagree but I will die on that hill.

Last 20 years? 20 years ago E46 was out. It was heavier, softer, way more tamed than E36 and E30. Tiff Needle on Fifth Gear said ‘M3 is more of a GT car than a sports sedan’. Clarkson on Top Gear put it behind A4 in their comparison test. There was a lot of people complaining how BMW lost their way, E46 had ESC what a shame!, it looked like it was ‘melted’, etc etc… Same story has been parroted by different generations of dinosaurs. In reality, F30 aside, every single new 3 series BMW was better than the previous one in almost every way. G80 is the best M3 ever, G20 is the best 3 series ever.
I had E92 M3, E93 330i, F82 in the past. G20 M340i is so much better and “inspiring” than all of them and definitely the ultimate definition of a spot sedan, which means it’s not a go-cart it’s a sedan that can handle daily, it’s luxurious and comfortable, but also very fast and enjoyable to drive – unlike Audi and Benz. And every generation of 3 series were comfortable, luxurious, sporty for their time; but the latest gen does it best. It’s also worth noting that there’s never been a time BMW’s almost entire line up would easily win all the comparisons. BMW is at its absolute best, right now, at this moment.

And I know the feeling, even I feel nostalgic for BMWs of my youth sometimes, but when I drove the legendary E39 M5 a few years ago, then walking back to my G30 540i which I had back than; G30 was sharper, faster, less floaty, more balanced, felt LIGHTER (even though it’s not – at all), and of course so much of a better place to be. It was definitely more of a sports sedan than the M5 of yesteryear. The only thing that’s objectively better with E39 was the steering feel, but didn’t matter, because it was super light and not as sharp and direct. I loved being in that E39, the smell, the old dash and that little orange screen… amazing nostalgia. But that’s just nostalgia. So yeah, meeting childhood heroes isn’t a good idea sometime

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2023 3 Series LCI vs C-Class & A4 Comparison Review by Throttle House
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