Tips for Choosing a Quality Car Workshop

The need for car repair shops is of course higher, because now more and more people have private vehicles such as cars in both urban and rural areas. Finding a car repair shop nowadays is also easier because there are online car repair services. However, because there are many choices of car repair shops, you must consider several things before finding a quality repair shop. Here are some tips for choosing the right workshop.

Ensure Experienced Technicians

The first thing you should do to choose a car repair shop is to find out how professional the technicians are. Especially if you choose to service your vehicle at an official car repair shop. Professional technicians are seen from whether they have a certificate or have detailed knowledge about cars. Especially if you are looking for a car repair shop for modification needs. The technician will help with car modifications, which are not just modifications without looking at the driver’s safety side.

Choose an Authorized Workshop

It would be very appropriate if you choose an authorized repair shop as the best choice for private vehicles. Official workshops are not only reliable but also have the availability of complete and original spare parts. … Read More

Things You Need to Pay Attention to Before Entering a Car Dealership

The car is one of the means of transportation that can be an option. Especially for those of you who have a high level of mobility in today’s weather, which is very volatile. Before you buy a car on credit or cash, there are several things you should consider before going to a car dealer. Here are some tips before you go to a car dealership:

Check Market Prices

Before going to a car dealer, you should check the market price. You can look for it on the internet starting from car specifications to car prices. This is useful so that you do not buy a car at a higher price than the market price. When checking market prices, you can also choose a car according to your needs at the same time. You will also get a lot of information about car shows and car promotions when you check market prices. Usually at the end of the year and car shows, many car sellers will provide you with attractive promos and discounts.

Read Car Reviews

If you have already decided which car to buy, you should also read reviews of the car of your choice. You must know the … Read More

Important Things Before Doing Car Engine Maintenance

Caring for a car engine is an obligation for car owners, because the engine is the main component in a car. So taking care of your car engine is the same as extending the life of your own car. Carrying out car engine maintenance does not have to take it to the repair shop continuously. You can do it yourself at home which is easy to do. The most important thing is that the condition of the engine can always be maintained properly so that its performance is always maximal at all times. Here are some ways to maintain a machine that must be done:

Change the Oil Periodically

One easy way that you can do to take care of your car engine is to do regular oil changes. The condition of a prime car engine is certainly influenced by the oil used. Oil changes usually depend on the type of oil used. Oil has a function to withstand friction when the engine is working. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the condition and type of oil used. There are many of the best car oils that you can choose from on the market. Quality oil … Read More

2024 GMC Sierra Denali EV electric truck packs in luxury

We’ve now had our first look at the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1, the launch version of the latest big electric truck based on the GM Ultium architecture used for a growing range of EVs in multiple sizes and categories. The vast majority of those models haven’t hit the road yet, but the cadence of announcements continues, including that for the Sierra’s next of kin, the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV.

Other automakers have fast-forwarded plans for more electric trucks as well. Plans are already afoot for Ford’s next-generation, high-volume electric truck, and GM may also be planning a smaller Hummer pickup for the GMC brand. Of course, there’s also the possible arrival of the oft-delayed rival to the GMC, the Tesla Cybertruck.

This week, GM’s luxury-truck brand showed hand-built prototypes of what will be the first of an array of Sierra EV versions that will hit the market by the end of the 2025 model year. The design is all but final, but GMC executives asked reporters not to touch the doors or get into the vehicle at a New York City media preview earlier this week because it was such an early-stage model.

The Denali Edition 1

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2022 G80 M3 xDrive Brooklyn Gray Build


Hello everybody

I thought I’d share my Brooklyn gray 2022 Competition X drive build AND experience so far. Feel free to share your build in the comments for inspiration, or ask questions if I have a product you want or are curious about something

Modification list after 8 months of ownership:

– Custom welded X pipe exhaust locally done in Scottsdale / wired my exhaust flaps open.
-MAD downpipes
-Bayde City intakes powder coated paint match
-JB4 tune (Currently on E30+ map 3-4-5)
– R44 front splitter
– R44 side skirts
– AA concepts high kick rear wing
– Carismo designs carbon fiber and alcantara steering wheel
– Custom starlight headliner (1000 stars) installed locally in Scottsdale.
– HAS – KW springs
– upgraded the rear Pirelli’s to 295/30/20
– Full front end PPF
– 5% tint and 20% tint on the windshield
– 15mm burger spacers all around.

Here is the truth. I’ve owned multiple GTR’s, one was built, I’ve had a Huracan EVO, a supercharged mustang, AMG GTS, a corvette C8 and more. The way this car sits is very fast and faster than the Huracan I had and just as fast as the FB0 GTR. No it’s

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Eve Energy to build battery plant in Malaysia within three years; 21700-format batteries for two-wheel EVs

Blueshark electric scooters in Malaysia

Chinese battery manufacturer Eve Energy will be constructing a battery production plant in Malaysia to supply local Malaysian and other Southeast Asian customers, CNEVPost reported.

Its subsidiary, Eve Energy Malaysia plans to invest up to US$422 million (RM2 billion) for the construction of the battery plant in Malaysia that will manufacture 21700-format battery cells, which will be for the production of local electric bikes and power tools, the company said. This project will see the battery production plant constructed in no more than three years, according to its announcement.

Its investment is part of the company’s growth strategy and long-term plan towards building its global market share in the electric two-wheeler segment, said Eve Energy.

Locally, EP Manufacturing will be producing Blueshark electric scooters in Malaysia for sale in the country and other markets in Southeast Asia. This will use swappable battery technology, the infrastructure for which has received US$50 million (RM235 million) following an agreement between Blueshark parent company EP Manufacturing (EPMB) and CIS Pride Fund SPC.

Elsewhere in the EV segment, Eve Energy is one of two battery suppliers that will be providing BMW with 46 mm-diameter battery cells for its Neue Klasse

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