Tips for Choosing a Quality Car Workshop

The need for car repair shops is of course higher, because now more and more people have private vehicles such as cars in both urban and rural areas. Finding a car repair shop nowadays is also easier because there are online car repair services. However, because there are many choices of car repair shops, you must consider several things before finding a quality repair shop. Here are some tips for choosing the right workshop.

Ensure Experienced Technicians

The first thing you should do to choose a car repair shop is to find out how professional the technicians are. Especially if you choose to service your vehicle at an official car repair shop. Professional technicians are seen from whether they have a certificate or have detailed knowledge about cars. Especially if you are looking for a car repair shop for modification needs. The technician will help with car modifications, which are not just modifications without looking at the driver’s safety side.

Choose an Authorized Workshop

It would be very appropriate if you choose an authorized repair shop as the best choice for private vehicles. Official workshops are not only reliable but also have the availability of complete and original spare parts. … Read More

Things You Need to Pay Attention to Before Entering a Car Dealership

The car is one of the means of transportation that can be an option. Especially for those of you who have a high level of mobility in today’s weather, which is very volatile. Before you buy a car on credit or cash, there are several things you should consider before going to a car dealer. Here are some tips before you go to a car dealership:

Check Market Prices

Before going to a car dealer, you should check the market price. You can look for it on the internet starting from car specifications to car prices. This is useful so that you do not buy a car at a higher price than the market price. When checking market prices, you can also choose a car according to your needs at the same time. You will also get a lot of information about car shows and car promotions when you check market prices. Usually at the end of the year and car shows, many car sellers will provide you with attractive promos and discounts.

Read Car Reviews

If you have already decided which car to buy, you should also read reviews of the car of your choice. You must know the … Read More

Important Things Before Doing Car Engine Maintenance

Caring for a car engine is an obligation for car owners, because the engine is the main component in a car. So taking care of your car engine is the same as extending the life of your own car. Carrying out car engine maintenance does not have to take it to the repair shop continuously. You can do it yourself at home which is easy to do. The most important thing is that the condition of the engine can always be maintained properly so that its performance is always maximal at all times. Here are some ways to maintain a machine that must be done:

Change the Oil Periodically

One easy way that you can do to take care of your car engine is to do regular oil changes. The condition of a prime car engine is certainly influenced by the oil used. Oil changes usually depend on the type of oil used. Oil has a function to withstand friction when the engine is working. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the condition and type of oil used. There are many of the best car oils that you can choose from on the market. Quality oil … Read More

Upcoming Mahindra XUV400 EV to get 3 variants: Leaked specifications

A few weeks ago, Mahindra unveiled its next big thing in the electric mobility segment, as it announced the all-electric XUV400. Based on the existing XUV300, the new Mahindra XUV400 comes with a slew of tweaks inside-out, larger dimensions and a whole new heart under its hood. While the official details of the Mahindra XUV400, including pricing, will come out in January 2023, we have got some details regarding the number and name of the variants and color options to be offered.

Upcoming Mahindra XUV400 EV to get 3 variants: Leaked specifications

According to a document from Delhi RTO, which has recently registered the Mahindra XUV400, the new all-electric SUV will be offered in three different variants – Base, EP and EL. All these variants of the Mahindra XUV400 will be available in five different color options – Arctic Blue, Everest White, Infinity Blue, Napoli Black and Galaxy Grey. The top-spec EL variant will be offered with dual-tone color options as per T-BHP.

Upcoming Mahindra XUV400 EV to get 3 variants: Leaked specifications

While the Mahindra XUV400 is based on the XUV300 compact SUV, there are many highlights which well differentiate it from the latter. Along with the increased length and wheelbase over the XUV300, the new Mahindra XUV400 also gets contrasting copper highlights and a closed grille, which

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Tesla Semi reportedly nearing delivery; here’s the latest on Cybertruck, Roadster and more

Tesla is working on the Cybertruck pickup, Roadster supercar, and a dedicated self-driving taxi.

  • Tesla plans to launch several models in the coming years. They’re in various stages of development.
  • Deliveries of the semi-truck are scheduled to start in December.
  • Elon Musk says an electric pickup truck, sports car, and self-driving taxi will follow.

Tesla currently sells four models, but Elon Musk has grand plans to launch a range of new vehicles in coming years.

The company is working on a semi-truck, a cyberpunk pickup, and a supercar, and Musk has mentioned several other potential projects. Many of these vehicles have already faced long delays, and there’s no guarantee they’ll all see the light of day.


Tesla semi

The interior of the upcoming Tesla Semi.

Tesla revealed the Semi in 2017 with lofty goals to revolutionize long-haul trucking. Now the company plans to deliver the first trucks to Pepsi in December, three years behind schedule.

The Semi, which will be built at Tesla’s factory in Nevada, will be able to travel up to 500 miles on a full charge, Tesla claims. It promises to recoup 70% of its range in 30 minutes when plugged into a fast-charger.


Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk stands in front of the all-electric Tesla's Cybertruck.


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Tesla Texas gigafactory construction workers file complaints over unpaid wages, fake workplace safety certifications

Construction site of the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Mike Blake/Reuters
  • Construction workers who helped build Tesla’s gigafactory in Austin filed multiple workplace complaints on Tuesday.
  • Workers accused of their subcontractors of withholding wages and failing to keep workers safe, documents say.
  • Workers at Tesla’s factories have sued the company over working conditions in the past.

Construction workers who helped build Tesla’s sprawling gigafactory in Austin, Texas filed multiple complaints to the US Department of Labor on Tuesday, alleging multiple labor violations they said they faced on the job.

The construction workers accused their subcontractors — those who employed and paid the workers — of withholding wages from some workers, according to a complaint sent by an attorney at the Workers Defense Project, the nonprofit that’s representing the construction workers.

The letter redacted the names of the subcontractors for confidential purposes in light of a potential investigation.

Some workers claimed that they were not paid a time-and-a-half overtime rate for working more than 40 hours a week. They also alleged that they were not compensated the double pay bonus they said they were promised for the extra days they spent working over Thanksgiving weekend in 2021.

Victor, a construction worker

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